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Looking for new wheels and rims in Brisbane? With a range of mag and alloy wheels and rims available, our team can help.

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You can rely on our team for all things automotive and your wheels and rims are no exception. We can help you select the perfect wheels or rims for your car and for your driving experience — plus we can fit any new tyres you need. Then, we can do a wheel balance and alignment for you.

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Mag & Alloy Wheels

Traditionally, mag wheels were made from magnesium and alloy wheels aluminium. Today, there’s not much of a difference between the two and the names are often used interchangeably. Mag and alloy wheels weigh significantly less than their steel counterparts while offering them the same strength. This means they offer better performance while having less of a strain on your suspension components.


We know that a new set of rims can make your car look really good, but rims have a lot of practical benefits too. These can actually enhance the performance of your car and provide a smoother ride. You can discuss different kinds of rims and their benefits with our team.

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You can get in touch with our team to discuss your car and its wheel or rim needs. We’ll offer you tailored, unbiased advice and recommendations. Then, you can get your new wheels or rims fit at any of our Brisbane workshops.