Brake Repairs Brisbane

Your brakes are one of the most important components of your car and are obviously, essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. So it’s so important that we’re maintaining these effectively.

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Whether it’s a brake pad replacement, a disc rotor issue, or a different kind of trouble with your brakes — we can help. Your brakes are essential to not only your safety on the road but also your comfort and quality of driving experience.

Brake Pad Replacement Brisbane

Brake Pad Replacement Brisbane

Brake pads are a long-lasting product that can rack up a decent amount of mileage before becoming worn out or faulty. Worn brake pads pose a decent concern for safety though, so as soon as there’s a sign these pads are wearing, it’s best to get them checked out. Signs your brake pads are worn include squealing or screeching sounds, a grinding or growling sound, or delayed braking.

When To Get Your Brakes Checked

It can be tricky to know when you should have your car inspected and when it’s just a noise. If the noise you’re hearing is persistent, that’s a good indication you should get your car checked out. When you’re braking, if you hear a screeching or especially a grinding noise, it takes longer than usual to stop, or your car shudders — you definitely need to get your brakes checked.

Brake Pad Replacement Brisbane
Brake Pad Replacement Brisbane

The Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

Get Your Brakes Repaired At Any Of Our Workshops

You can get your brakes repaired at any of our Brisbane workshops. We have five different workshops across Inner City Brisbane for your convenience. Get your brake repair at our Milton, Bulimba, Newstead, West End, or Woolloongabba workshop.