4x4 Tyres Brisbane

When it comes to your 4×4, you want tyres you can rely on on any terrain, that can handle any kind of weather, and that are made to last.

4x4 Tyres Brisbane

4x4 Tyres

At Tyre Solutions Brisbane, our team can chat with you to work out the use your four wheel drive is getting, and the standard of 4×4 tyre you need. Depending on the use your fourby is getting, you may need different tyres to cater to the level of durability, grip, and comfort you need while driving.

4x4 Rims

Whether your 4WD is for fun, off-road weekends or you just need the space for your family, our team will discuss your needs and your 4WD’s usage with you. Then, we can tailor advice for you around your 4×4 rims. We’ll help you find the balance between practicality and aesthetics, while helping you make selections within your budget.

4x4 Rims Brisbane
4x4 Wheels Brisbane

4x4 Wheels

The wheels you choose for your 4×4 will have a huge effect on your driving experience and the comfort of both your on-road and off-road driving activities. We’ll work with you to select the perfect wheels for your car, factoring in aesthetics, practicality, and of course, your budget.

Get your 4x4 tyres & wheels fitted at any of our workshops

You can get in touch with our team for tailored advice for your car and tyres, or you can request a quote or book your car in online.