Steering, Suspension & Wheel Alignment Brisbane

The relationship between your car’s suspension, steering, and wheel alignment is one that’s so essential to the comfort of your driving experience. These components are also responsible for so much of your safety on the road.

Rely On Our Mechanics For Your Next Wheel Alignment Brisbane

Our mechanics love keeping Brisbane motorists on the road with cars they can rely on. Through the selection and supply of top notch tyres, wheels, and mechanical services, we keep your car safe on the road.

Wheel Alignment Brisbane

Wheel Alignments Keep Your Car And Tyres In Check

At a wheel alignment, we ensure your wheels are aligned. This means we ensure your wheels are travelling in a straight direction so that the tread on your tyres wears evenly and we keep you safe while driving.

How To Know If Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment

There are a few signs your wheel alignment may be out:

Wheel Alignment Brisbane
Brake Pad Replacement Brisbane

What We’ll Do For Your Wheel Alignment

When you bring your car in for a wheel alignment, we’ll align your wheels with the specifications shared by your manufacturer. This will ensure your wheels are back travelling in that straight direction and your car’s safety is maintained. You can pair our wheel alignment service with your next car service, tyre fitting, or any other required repair — to save you more than one trip to our workshop.

Book Your Wheel Alignment At Any Of Our Workshops

You can book your next wheel alignment here online. Have a question? We’ll offer you tailored, unbiased advice and recommendations.