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After new tyres Brisbane? We can help you out with that. Our mechanics are eager to offer quality tyres to Brisbane, at an affordable price.

New Tyres Brisbane
Tyres Brisbane

Tyres Brisbane: we’ll supply and fit your new tyres for you

Our team will supply your new tyres and have them fitted for you. We can discuss your driving habits and needs with you to help find the perfect tyre for you and your car, or you can browse through our selection of tyre brands above.

Wheels & Rims Brisbane: affordable wheels and rims, fit for you

Your wheels and rims can seriously improve your car’s appearance. They have a range of practical benefits too though. We can recommend suitable wheels and rims for your car, or you can browse our selection of brands above.

Tyres Brisbane

Our qualified mechanics can service and repair your car too

We’re specialists in all things wheels and tyres, but as qualified and experienced mechanics, we can take care of all your car’s other needs too. Rely on us for car servicing, repairs, and keeping your car running perfectly.

Car Service

General Car Repairs

Brake Pad Replacements

Gearbox Repairs

Air Conditioning Service

Clutch Repairs

Wheel Balance

Wheel Alignment

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You can get in touch with our team for tailored advice for your car and tyres, or you can request a quote or book your car in online.